Christian Martinez

Certified Personal Training Specialist

and Nutrition Coach


"Nothing motivates me more than seeing my clients succeed."

Christian has been influenced by fitness his entire life.  From boxing and bodybuilding to power-lifting and strongman, fitness has always played a role in his life. Armed with a background in psychology and behavior analysis – Christian is your motivation specialist. He is also a certified personal training specialist, and nutrition coach. He aims to utilize his research background to benefit his clients by destroying fitness fads and myths and getting to the pure science that drives results. He is well aware of benefits of following a workout plan and wants others to feel these benefits in their own lives.  He has been training for well over 10 years and is a competitive strongman. Christian is driven his client’s success, and enjoys helping them create positive changes in their lives.


Game Changer

“Working out with Christian has been a game changer for me since I’ve started working on getting back in shape after having kids. He works with me to build a work out program that fits into the time and equipment I have. He seems invested in my progress and dedicated to seeing me meet my fitness goals safely and efficiently. I love his creativity and positive energy.”

– Nicole




Highly Recommend

“I have been working with Christian at Motive In Motion for almost a year now and I highly recommend his services. Over the months, Christian has designed workout plans customized to my needs and goals. With a near encyclopaedic knowledge of the muscular system, Christian has been able to respond dynamically as my body changed and responded to the precise targeted exercises. I am being transformed – I’ve lost weight, reduced fat and built muscle. Prior to starting with Christian, my doctor was recommending a CPAP machine. Now I sleep better and I’ve almost stopped snoring entirely! Lastly, I’d like to mention Christian’s greatest assets – he is endlessly patient, constantly encouraging and, true to the name, always motivating. Thank you, Christian, for having such a dramatically positive impact on my life.”



Would Recommend

“I’ve had Christian as a personal trainer for quite some time now. His dedication and belief in what he does is truly inspirational and motivational as he is helping me achieve my goals with a proper fitness plan that fits me, and meal plans. I went into Motive in Motion with a goal and now I feel like I’m going in the right direction. Highly recommended.”

– Jas




Fantastic Trainer

“Christian is a fantastic trainer! He’s very positive and encouraging which I love! His gym is very comfortable as well. [Motive in Motion] has every machine and weight you could possibly need. Highly recommend!”

– Malika



Looking Forward To more!

“You’re so dope, Christian! I enjoy training with you and would recommend that everyone prioritize their health with a professional like you who knows what they’re doing. Looking forward to more.”

– Sabre



Highly Recommend

“As a martial artist who specializes in jiu jitsu, I often find it difficult to work with trainers who don’t understand the sport and the unique body mechanics of it. Christian completely understands the core concepts of my martial art and has built an exceptional program for me that not only made me functionally stronger, but has increased my endurance on the mats by leaps and bounds. He is also very good at modifying programs on the fly to accommodate the nagging minor injuries I’m often carrying around from hard jiu jitsu training. As a competitive athlete himself, Christian truly understands the work that needs to be done in the gym to make you successful in your sport. I would highly recommend any athlete to seek him out, you won’t regret it!”

– Kyle




Fun Workouts

“Best place to avoid Covid and the gym crowds!

Plus outdoor workouts are so much more fun! 10/10 recommend.”






“Christian helped me with fix my wing Scapula and taught some new and effective Ab workouts, especially since I have a herniated disk before I meet him. He’s got knowledge and competes on strongman and powerlifting so he definitely knows the best method in building strength.”





Passionate Coach

“I always look forward to my training sessions with Christian. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and the human body and excels at putting together a program to help me achieve my goals. You can really tell that he’s passionate about being a coach and helping others.”





I feel stronger and healthier

“Christian is a very caring and dedicated trainer that ensures to work with you to achieve your physical goals. He works with you not only to set goals but also to achieve them. He has helped me overcome my own limitations and learn more about strength training and healthy eating. I feel stronger and healthier. Thanks, Christian!”