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Elevate your fitness journey with personalized training tailored just for you. Our certified personal trainers will guide you through customized workouts designed to meet your unique goals, whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build strength, or enhance overall wellness. Experience the difference of a focused, supportive, and motivating environment that’s dedicated to your success. Start transforming your health with us today! Adaptive service to ensure you only pay for what you need!

Haney Client

Christian is a very caring and dedicated trainer that ensures to work with you to achieve your physical goals. He works with you not only to set goals but also to achieve them. He has helped me overcome my own limitations and learn more about strength training and healthy eating. I feel stronger and healthier. Thanks, Christian!

Scott Client

I've lost weight, reduced fat and built muscle. I sleep better and I've almost stopped snoring entirely! Lastly, I'd like to mention Christian's greatest assets - he is endlessly patient, constantly encouraging and, true to the name, always motivating. Thank you, Christian, for having such an dramatically positive impact on my life.

Bernice Client

I always look forward to my training sessions with Christian. He's incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and the human body and excels at putting together a program to help me achieve my goals. You can really tell that he's passionate about being a coach and helping others. Thank you.


Get ready to ignite your fitness with our ‘Total Body Burnout’ group class! This high-energy, high-intensity class is designed to push your limits and maximize your results. Led by our dynamic instructors, you’ll power through a series of challenging workouts that target every major muscle group, ensuring a full-body workout. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve endurance, or burn calories, this class will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Join the fun and feel the burn in a supportive community setting! Your first class is free and subsequent classes are $20 each.

Tanya Group Class Attendee

Supportive environment measured pace and a good overall work out

Christine Group Class Attendee

Christian’s class is challenging and has been a great way to lose weight and build strength.

Alejandra Group Class Attendee

5 Stars!

Meet Christian Martinez

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition COach

Christian is your behavior change specialist. He believes that each day is an opportunity to be your best self, and is driven to challenge, for without challenge, there is no change. Armed with a certification in nutrition coaching and both personal and virtual personal training, Christian strives to make lasting changes in the lives of his clients. Through a lifetime of training and mastery of movement, Christian will make your fitness goals a reality.

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